Senior competition at Knox City TC is available in many different formats and times of the week. We have night times, mid week and Saturday afternoons.

The night competition which is the most popular is through the Blackburn District Night Tennis Association and we field teams on every night Monday to Thursday. The Thursday competition has a singles / doubles format for those that are interested.

The Mid week competitions are mainly Ladies teams although a Mens competition is available for those wanting to put a team together. Another great Mid week group is our Seniors Social group who play on Thursday mornings and welcome all those still young at heart with a desire to play tennis.

The Saturday afternoon is the traditional tennis time with teams in Mens, Ladies, doubles, singles and Tennis Victoria’s Pennant during Winter.


For those just wanting to enjoy having a hit of tennis without it being too competitive, we have Wednesday nights available, starting at 7:30 pm, to anyone to come down for a social night for the small cost of $5. You don’t have to be a member, so bring a friend.

For enquiries to play in any of these competitions or social times, please see the contact us page.